‘Philosophy of Jan Patočka’ – Studies in East European Thought (SEET)

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SEET Special Issue (Volume 73, issue 3, September 2021). Issue editors: Michaela Belejkaničová & Kristína Bosáková. Volume free download now.

Studies in East European Thought
Volume 73, issue 3, September 2021
Special Issue: Philosophy of Jan Patočka: Twenty-First Century Perspectives
Issue editors: Michaela Belejkaničová & Kristína Bosáková

The entire volume can be downloaded for free from the Springer website until the end of November: https://link.springer.com/journal/11212/volumes-and-issues/73-3

> Guest editors’ introduction: Michaela Belejkaničová & Kristína Bosáková
> The hidden teacher: on Patočka’s impact on today’s Czech philosophy: Jan Frei
> The Allure and impossibility of an algorithmic future: a lesson from Patočka’s supercivilisation: Ľubica Učník
> Patočka and the metaphysics of sacrifice: James Dodd
> Solidarity of the shaken: from the experience (Erlebnis) to history: Michaela Belejkaničová
> Epoché and institution: the fundamental tension in Jan Patočka’s phenomenology: Darian Meacham & Francesco Tava
> Against the self-sufficiency of reason. Concept of corporeity in Feuerbach and Patočka: Kristina Bosakova
> Patočka’s asubjective phenomenology as latent possibility of Husserl’s Logical Investigations: Riccardo Paparusso
> Translation of Jan Patočka’s “Galileo Galilei and the end of the ancient cosmos”: Martin Pokorný
> Review of Martin Koci: Thinking faith after Christianity. A theological reading of Jan Patočka’s phenomenological philosophy: Martin Ritter
> Review of Hila Naot, Raft on the Open Sea—Man and the World in Jan Patočka’s (1907–1977) Phenomenological Philosophy: Oded Balaban