Podcast Series – Philosophy of Technology (WGPT)

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Hannes Van Engeland on phenomenotechnique & Ann-Katrien Oimann on AI in court from the Working Group on Philosophy of Technology.

The Working Group on Philosophy of Technology (WGPT) recently started a podcast series: WGPTalks. Every two months the group post an interview with one of thier members on technology, AI, and related topics.

The third interview is with Ann-Katrien Oimann on AI in the courtroom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvGfALOZhOw&list=PLEK6UDaRphqGWov_NvCtNVsL81T-47Q5S&index=4

The fourth interview is with Hannes Van Engeland on phenomenotechnique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljDoT8EK2UY&list=PLEK6UDaRphqGWov_NvCtNVsL81T-47Q5S&index=5

The WGPT are a group of philosophers linked to the Institute of Philosophy (HIW, KU Leuven) whose aim is to philosophically reflect on technology, in a way that is informed by scientific research, technological developments, and the history of philosophy of technology. They organize a conference, evening lectures, and a reading group. For more information on the WGPT: https://hiw.kuleuven.be/wgpt