‘Politicizing Phenomenology with Hannah Arendt’ section in “Philosophy and Society”

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Sophie Loidolt, keynote at the BSP conference 2020, features in a special topic section on phenomenology in the online journal.

The editors of “Philosophy and Society” have announced that the journal’s second issue of volume XXXI has been released. This issue has a special topic section – “Politicizing Phenomenology with Hannah Arendt”. The section features an article by Sophie Loidolt, one of the keynote speakers at the BSP annual conference 2020 online (registration open now), as well as an article on her work in phenomenology.

> Sanja Bojanić: ‘Plurality Is a conditio per quam of All Political Life’
> Adriana Zaharijević: ‘Social Ontology: Butler via Arendt via Loidolt’
> Sophie Loidolt: ‘Plurality, Normativity, and the Body: Response to Sanja Bojanić and Adriana’

The new issue of “Philosophy and Society” also features articles on hermeneutics of translation and understanding of violence, the concept of engagement, Aristotle, Adorno and Marcuse, the work of art as fictio personae, and reviews of recently published books in the fields of philosophy and social theory.

You can access the complete contents of this issue on the “Philosophy and Society” website.

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