Registration now closed for 2020 live conference event

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Registration for the live portion of the conference closed 29 August: catch-up week only registration opens Sunday 6 September 2020.

‘Engaged Phenomenology’ – the British Society for Phenomenology Annual Conference, with the University of Exeter, co-sponsored by Egenis and the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health. This year, due to global concerns about the Coronavirus pandemic the conference will be held online.

Registration for ‘live’, timetabled event closed Saturday 29 August.

The ‘live’, timetabled event begins Thursday 3 September and runs for three days to Saturday 5 September. After that, the conference platform will remain open for another eight days so attendees can catch-up with anything they missed or want to rewatch, as well as ask questions of Speakers via the chat forum.

While we have closed registration for the ‘live’ timetabled event this Saturday, people will still be able to attend the ‘catch-up’ week when registration re-opens on Sunday 6 September. The conference will be taken down after midnight Sunday 13 September.

CATCH-UP: Sunday 6 – Sunday 13 September 2020
Catch-Up Registration opens Sunday 6 September

‘Engaged Phenomenology’ seeks to complement the approaches of applied and critical phenomenology by investigating embodied lived experience through a plurality of voices, encouraging dialogue between phenomenology, as a philosophical approach, and other disciplines, in addition to practitioners and individuals outside the academy. The aim is to engage phenomenological approaches across a variety of contexts (e.g., healthcare, medicine, education, design, art, psychology, architecture, community spaces, etc.) with the hope of opening up the phenomenological approach to individuals and communities outside of traditional philosophical spaces for the encouragement of dialogue, interaction and deeper understanding of the complexities of embodied lived experience across a diversity of contexts, while also being alert to the socio-political realities and power relations which frame experience.

Catch-up registration, more information and questions:
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