Registration Open: UK Sartre Society Annual Conference (July 2023)

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The UK Sartre Society conference will be at Maison Française d’Oxford, UK, with keynotes from Annie Cohen-Solal & François Noudelmann.

UK Sartre Society annual conference 2023
Maison Française d’Oxford
1pm on Monday 3rd July to 6pm on Tuesday 4th July

Keynote Addresses

  • Who is Still Afraid of Sartre? – Professor Annie Cohen-Solal
  • Thinking as Performance in Sartres Practice of Philosophy – Professor François Noudelmann

Book Symposium: Rethinking Existentialism

  • Matthew Eshleman, Kate Kirkpatrick, Komarine Romdenh-Romluc, and Jonathan Webber

Selected Presentations

  • Searching for a Post-Existentialism – Ciro Adinolfi
  • Simone de Beauvoir’s Absence in the History of French Marxism – Thomas Chesworth
  • Pursuing A Project In the Situation We Arrive At: Advancing Sartre’s Concept of Project in Five Points – Darren Gillies
  • Sartre and Camus During the Occupation: A Reassessment – Oliver Gloag
  • Sartre and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: What is a Problem that Cannot be Solved? – Zoe Grange-Marczak
  • Ethics, Conflict, and Existential Psychoanalysis – Francisca Hill
  • Sartre and Deleuze on Otherness – Andrew M Jampol-Petzinger
  • Beauvoir and Post-modernism: Re-engaging Simone de Beauvoir in Contemporary Feminist Debates – Gabrielle Jones
  • Freedom and Truth: Sartre’s Radical Reading of Descartes – Christos Kalpakidis
  • Absurdity and Other People – Harvey Langley
  • Sartre’s Theory of the Group: Liberation as Empowerment – Matthias Lievens
  • Objectifying Experiences and Descriptive Distortion: A Sartrean Solution – Jonathan Mitchell
  • From Phenomenology to the Progressive-Regressive Method: Existentialism and Marxism – Thaís de Sá Oliveira
  • Sartre’s What is Writing? and the Concept of Soul in Action Painting – Lauren Stephens
  • The Beauty and the Beast: Overcoming Sartre’s Anthropocentric Ontology by Re-reading La Nausée – Luca Tripaldelli

Registration is now open! ::

All registrations include lunch on the Tuesday and refreshments on both days. Full registrations include conference dinner on the Monday evening. Please give dietary preferences when registering.

Conference registration does not include accommodation. The organisers recommend booking at Keble College via

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