Sophie Loidolt – keynote at BSP Online Conference: ‘Engaged Phenomenology’

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Professor Sophie Loidolt is one of our three keynote speakers at this year’s online British Society for Phenomenology annual conference.

Sophie is professor of philosophy at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. She is a member of the “Young Academy” of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and “Recurrent Visiting Professor” at CFS Copenhagen. Her work centers on phenomenology, political and legal philosophy, ethics, transcendental philosophy, and philosophy of mind. Her books include Anspruch und Rechtfertigung. Eine Theorie des rechtlichen Denkens im Anschluss an die Phänomenologie Edmund Husserls (2009), Einführung in die Rechtsphänomenologie (2010), and Phenomenology of Plurality. Hannah Arendt on Political Intersubjectivity (2017).

“I am currently interested in ‘public experiences’: how we experience the public sphere and public space, how public interaction mediates conceptions of ourselves, of others, and the world we live in, and how these are shaped by technological conditions. I hadn’t expected that this would gain such actuality and so many new angles through the pandemic!

Moreover, I can see that many of my students from my own Technical University as well as from Frankfurt University are just as excited as I am in bringing the old ‘enemies’ (at least in Germany) of Critical Theory and Phenomenology together in a common contemporary project, one that reflects society, technology and experiential structures. ‘Engaged phenomenology’ is probably just that…”

We really looking forward to Sophie’s talk at the BSP conference, ‘Order, Experience, and Critique: The Phenomenological Method in Political and Legal Theory’. BSP AC2020 is co-organised with the University of Exeter, and co-sponsored by Egenis and the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health. Find out more at the BSP2020AC website.

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