Studia Phaenomenologica 19 (2019): ‘On Conflict and Violence’

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A new issue of Studia Phaenomenologica publishes the thematic dossier ‘On Conflict and Violence’ (December 2019) (Some open access papers).

Studia Phaenomenologica is an international yearbook that publishes original work in phenomenology and hermeneutics in English, French, and German. All articles are blind-refereed or invited. Each issue is a thematic dossier focused on an essential phenomenological theme, be it a particular dimension of a philosopher’s work or a phenomenological problematic important for contemporary discussion. In addition to the thematic dossiers, each issue contains a “Varia” section with contributions from a variety of phenomenological perspectives.

Studia Phaenomenologica 19 (2019)
‘On Conflict and Violence’

> Cristian Ciocan & Paul Marinescu: Introduction: On Conflict and Violence [OPEN ACCESS]
> Bernhard Waldenfels: Metamorphoses of Violence
> Pascal Delhom: L’expérience de la violence subie : accès aux phénomènes
> James Mensch: Trust and Violence
> Michael Staudigl: Parasitic Confrontations: Toward a Phenomenology of Collective Violence [OPEN ACCESS]
> Burkhard Liebsch: „Herrscht“ Krieg ‒ seit je her, gegenwärtig und auf immer? „Polemologische“ Überlegungen zur Frage, ob wir ihm ausgesetzt oder (auch) ausgeliefert sind
> Delia Popa: Entre réversibilité et réverbération. Une approche phénoménologique de la violence sociale
> Irene Breuer: Phenomenological Reflections on the Intertwining of Violence, Place and Memory. The Memorials of the Ungraspable
> Mihai Ometiță: Hermeneutic Violence and Interpretive Conflict: Heidegger vs. Cassirer on Kant
> Chiara Pesaresi: « L’ébranlement du monde bien connu » : Lectures croisées de Patočka et Maldiney
> Jason W. Alvis: Ricœur on Violence and Religion: Or, Violence Gives Rise to Thought [OPEN ACCESS]
> Michael Barber: Could the Focus on Transcendental Violence Be Violent?
> Leonard Lawlor: The Most Difficult Task: On the Idea of an Impure, Pure Non-Violence (in Derrida)

> Mădălina Guzun: Briser le silence : Le déploiement de la langue comme traduction du silence en son chez Martin Heidegger
> Max Schaefer: Bonds of Trust: Thinking the Limits of Reciprocity with Heidegger and Michel Henry
> Ahmet Süner: The Ineluctable Sign in Sartre’s Account of Franconay’s Imitation
> Mathieu Cochereau: La Dissidence et l’unité des trois mouvements de l’existence chez Jan Patočka

Abstracts of the papers, plus more details on the journal including book reviews in this issues, is available at Studia Phaenomenologica 19 (2019): ‘On Conflict and Violence’.