Talk on Husserl’s theory of feeling and emotion – Thomas Byrne at University of Macau

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On 25 September 2019 Thomas Byrne will present a talk titled ‘A Prolegomenon to Husserl’s Theory of Feeling and Emotion’.

“A Prolegomenon to Husserl’s Theory of Feeling and Emotion” – Workshop Talk by Thomas Byrne (PhD, KU Leuven).

Date and location:
25 September 17:00.
University of Macau, Room E21-3118.

Wojciech T. Kaftanski ([email protected])

The paper has two goals. First, I propose a novel interpretation of Edmund Husserl’s theory of feelings and emotions. I draw from Husserl’s published works and his unpublished manuscripts to rethink how he distinguished feelings from emotions. In contrast to currently accepted interpretations, I show that Husserl concluded that feelings are structurally analogous to perceptions and that emotions are akin to existential beliefs. Second, I employ and work beyond Husserl’s observations to critically engage with the contemporary continental literature on feelings and emotions. I demonstrate why Husserl’s division between those two experiences is preferable to current theories, because it can be used to more accurately account for the motivation of emotions and the ontological status of values.

For more information about Thomas Byrne’s research, see his academia page.