The Phenomenology of African Logic

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A One-day conference on The Phenomenology of African Logic in celebration of UNESCO World Logic Day. 16 January 2024 Online.

1-day conference on
The Phenomenology of African Logic
In celebration of UNESCO World Logic Day

What is African logic? How does it shape the African conscious experience of the world? How does it ground the African philosophical propositions? These are some of the questions yearning for answers in the history and development of logic in Africa. African logic has not been widely discussed or engaged like its Western or Chinese counterparts. Scholars such as Innocent Asouzu, Chris Ijiomah, Helen Verran, Leopold Senghor and Jonathan Chimakonam have systematically theorised logic originating from African lived experience. Others like Meinrad Hebga, CS Momoh, CB Okolo, Chukwuemeka Nze, Uduma Oji, etc., have debated the subject. Apart from the works of a few scholars, African logic has not received the type of critical engagement needed to move the field forward. This conference aims to fill this gap by exploring some contributions of African scholars to logic. Therefore, this conference will discuss logical contributions that stem from the African experience and reality.

Date: 16 January 2024
Venue: The conference will take place online.
Time: 3:00 pm (South African Time)

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Meeting ID: 355 141 670 254
Passcode: E6RmKo

Keynote Speakers
Prof. Scott Pratt (University of Oregon)
Prof. Dorothy Oluwagbemi-Jacobs (University of Calabar)

Roundtable Speakers
Prof. Ephraim-Stephen Essien (Ahmadu Bello University)
Mr. Nelson Osuala (Chrisland University)
Dr. Enyimba Maduka (University of Calabar)

Organized by:
Amara Esther Chimakonam, PhD. Centre for Phenomenology in South Africa, University of Fort Hare
In collaboration with The Conversational School of Philosophy & The Association for African Logic, Philosophy of Science and the Ethics of AI.