“Transdisciplinary Approaches to Dementia and Aging” Online Lecture Series

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Please check out the dates and titles for the 2024 programme for the Phenomenology of Dementia and Aging Network’s Lectures.

Phenomenology of Dementia and Aging Network / Online Lecture Series / Program 2024
“Transdisciplinary Approaches to Dementia and Aging.”

The Phenomenology of Dementia and Aging Network are delighted to unveil the official program for the 2024 lecture series: “Transdisciplinary Approaches to Dementia and Aging.”

Prepare for a captivating lineup of talks that venture beyond the conventional realms of dementia research, promising a unique and insightful exploration of the subject.

The lectures take place online on the dates below, from 14.00-15.30 CET.

05.02.2024 Joel Kruger (Exeter)
„Selves Beyond the Skin: Tetsuro Watsuji`s Contribution to Phenomenological Approaches to Dementia“

04.03.2024 Valerie N. Keller (Zurich)
“Herausforderungen und Ressourcen im Leben mit Demenz: Wie Betroffene Sorge um sich tragen”

08.04.2024 Lone Grøn (Copenhagen):
„Presents in Dementia: Temporalities and Ethics at a Danish Dementia Ward”

22.04.2024 Thomas Johannsen (Amsterdam):
„Making Dementia Matter Through Sound – The Stem&Luister project of the Genetic Choir“

06.05.2024 Thomas Klie (Freiburg):
„Recht auf Demenz? Eine anthropologische und juristische Annäherung“

10.06.2024 Rasmus Dyring (Aarhus):
“Creating Intercorporeal Caring Spaces in Residential Dementia Care”

01.07.2024 Frances Bottenberg (North Carolina):
“Spieltherapien und Demenz: Eine tugendepistemische Untersuchung”

09.09.2024 Annette Leibing (Montreal):
“Preventing Dementia? On the Epistemic Situatedness of the ‘New Dementia’”

07.10.2024 Marianne Elisabeth Klinke (Reykjavík):

04.11.2024 Lucienne Spencer (Birmingham/Oxford):
“Beyond Intellectual Arrogance and Towards Epistemic Humility for People with Dementia”

02.12.2024 Ana Paula Barbosa-Fohrmann (Sao Paolo):
„Phenomenology and Narratives of Dementia: Merleau Ponty’s Contributions“

All events will be hosted online via Zoom.

Zoom-link: https://uni-koeln.zoom.us/j/91365214213?pwd=cWFRQnZKcjlMY3RzNEdISHMzU09GUT09
Meeting-ID: 913 6521 4213
Password: 252346

For a glimpse into the caliber of discussions offered, check out some select talks from previous years in the Network’s curated playlist on YouTube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkCg3e67djg6vkw2qIxOmkVMDelRJp0c_&si=3MQJWo7tuYnkELya

To stay informed and actively engage, the Phenomenology of Dementia and Aging Network invite you to connect with us by sending an email to [email protected].

Everyone is welcome, so please spread the word to anyone interested.