Workshop – Phenomenology: Linguistic Or Eidetic? (June 2023)

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Funded by an Erwin-Schrödinger Grant from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). Convened at University of Graz. Some online participation available.

Workshop – Phenomenology: Linguistic Or Eidetic?

Bernhard Ritter announces a workshop entitled Phenomenology: Linguistic Or Eidetic?, held from 8 to 10 June 2023 at the University of Graz. The workshop is funded by an Erwin-Schrödinger Grant from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

The contrast alluded to in the title is that between what J. L. Austin called “linguistic phenomenology”, aka ordinary language philosophy, and phenomenology as founded by Edmund Husserl. Husserlian phenomenology is meant to include figures like Eugen Fink, Adolf Reinach, or Merleau-Ponty, but also influential secessionists like Heidegger or Derrida. The former tradition is understood as including the likes of Wittgenstein, Ryle, Alan R. White, or Cavell. The talks will either cut across the traditions or be essential in a way that makes them relevant for both of them. Husserl and Austin will be the main, but not the sole, focus of the conference.

The first half-day (starting on Thursday, 8 June 2023, 3:30 pm) will be held as a hybrid event. To participate, go HERE at the time of the workshop and click on the uniMEET link to the left. On Friday and Saturday, the workshop will be held in presence only. No formal registration is required, but let Bernhard Ritter know if you wish to attend by sending an email to bernhard.ritter AT


Thursday, 8 June.
3:30–3:45 pm
Bernhard Ritter (Karl-Franzens Universität Graz): Welcome Address.

3:45–5:00 pm
Søren Overgaard (Københavns Universitet): “Commonsense Transcendentalism.”

5:15–6:30 pm
Jean-Philippe Narboux (Université Bordeaux Montaigne) “The Phenomenology of the Surface Inquiry.”

Friday Morning, 9 June, Chair: Marie McGinn (University of East Anglia).
9:45–11:00 am
Ursula Renz (Karl-Franzens Universität Graz): “Self-Knowing Subjects: O’Brian and Moran on Agency and Deliberation”

11:15 am–12:30 pm
Dan Zahavi (Københavns Universitet): “Reid, Reinach, and Husserl: Socially Extended Minds and the Inner-Outer Divide”

Friday Afternoon. Chair: Philipp Berghofer (Karl-Franzens Universität Graz)
2:15–3:30 pm
Sonja Rinofner (Karl-Franzens Universität Graz): “On Some Intricacies Concerning Moral Self-Assessment.”

3:45–5:00 pm
Marina Sbisà (Università degli Studi di Trieste): “Austin’s Philosophy in the Light of the Linguistic Epoché.”

5:15–6:30 pm
Niklas Forsberg (Univerzita Pardubice): “The Philosophical ‘We’ and the Idea of a Standard of Correctness.”

Saturday Morning, 10 June. Chair: Mario Steinwender (Karl-Franzens Universität Graz)
9:45–11:00 am
Lee Braver (University of South Florida): “The Language of Showing: Later Heidegger and How Language Can Hinder and Help the Unconcealing of Being.”

11:15 am–12:30 pm
Denis McManus (University of Southampton): “Being-in-a-World Fit for Philosophy.”

Saturday Afternoon. Chair: Denis Džanić (Karl-Franzens Universität Graz)
2:15–3:30 pm
M. W. Rowe (University of East Anglia): “Austin and Philosophical Method.”

3:45–5:00 pm
Gabriele M. Mras (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien): “Relations without Relata: Ryle’s Critique of Descartes’ Mind-Body Dualism.”

5:15–6:30 pm
Bernhard Ritter (Karl-Franzens Universität Graz): “No-Ownership Theory.”

You may download the workshop poster and programme from