Workshop Phenomenology Today: Lambert Wiesing

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Lambert Wiesing (University of Jena) with a paper entitled ‘Phenomenology of Self-Consciousness’ (11:00-13:00 26 April 2023). In person and online.

Workshop Phenomenology Today
Vita-Salute San Raffaele University
Faculty of Philosophy
PERSONA Research Centre

Wednesday, April 26th 2023
11:00 – 13:00
Aula DO203
Building Donatello – Milano 2 Campus

The seminar is open to anyone interested. Please write to [email protected] to receive the link to the virtual room.

Lambert Wiesing (University of Jena)
Phenomenology of Self-Consciousness


The reality of self-consciousness cannot be explained – but it can be described phenomenologically by asking the question: What am I like for myself in my experience of self-consciousness? How must I be for me in the world because there is my self-consciousness?

The thesis of the lecture is: every being-in-the-world is necessarily a being-in-the-world in a contingent style. Therefore I propose – and this happens in explicit reference to Heinrich Wölfflin – to introduce the painterly and the linear as basic concepts for the description of the being of Dasein. It is the respective dominance of the Leib-being or the Körper-having, which is for me the imposition of a painterly or linear style of being of my Dasein.