Bioethics Webinars – CSU (Spring 2021)

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New season of webinars announced, convened by Susi Ferrarello, California State University, East Bay – Philosophy and Religious Studies Department.

Bioethics Webinars (Spring 2021)
Convened by Susi Ferrarello

California State University, East Bay – Philosophy & Religious Studies Department
All sessions commence at 8:00am San Francisco Time
Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Marjolein Oele
University of San Francisco
Plants and Affectivity: The Middle-Voiced Lives of Plants
February 1 (click here to connect)

Ignacio Quepons
University of Mexico
The condition of Vulnerability
February 8 (click here to connect)

Christos Hadjioannou
University of Cyprus
Reflection on Anxiety
March 1 (click here to connect)

Roxana Baiasu
Oxford University
Phenomenology of Illness, Resilience, and Well-Being
March 15 (click here to connect)

Francesca Brencio
University of Sevilla
Mental Well-Being
March, 29 (click here to connect)

Frederic Gilbert
Tasmania University
The ethics of implantable brain-computer interfaces
April 19 (click here to connect)

Brian Earp
Yale University
Shaping Children’s Bodies: The Case of Medically Unnecessary Genital Cutting
April 26 (click here to connect)

Angela Martin
University of Basel
Animal Ethics
May 10 (click here to connect)