BSP Extraordinary General Meeting – 5 June 2020

Patrick O’Connor, President of the BSP, asks all BSP members to consider joining a Zoom meeting on Friday 5 June.

Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) are called when the society has urgent decisions to make that cannot wait until the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which this year – as usual – will be held alongside or near to the time of the annual conference. And just like the AGM, an EGM is open all members of the society.

The EGM will be focused on specific topics pertaining to some key decisions that need to be made regarding the society’s future. All current members of the BSP are encouraged to attend, as this is the memberships’ opportunity to hear about the society’s strategy, and to have a say on how the society operates going forward.

Details: EGM June 2020 homepage

The agenda will appear on the EGM June 2020 homepage in the next few days, while the Zoom meeting details will be added to that page on the morning of the meeting.

We do hope our membership can attend the online meeting and very much look forward to seeing you there if you can. If any members have a question in the meantime, please contact us at [email protected].