BSP2022AC: ‘Engaged Phenomenology II’ – Thank You Everyone

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A big THANK YOU to everyone at BSP2022AC: ‘Engaged Phenomenology II’ – and check out some photos of the event!

Thank you to everyone who participated in ‘Engaged Phenomenology II: Explorations of Embodiment, Emotions, and Sociality’, the British Society for Phenomenology 2022 Annual UK Conference convened by the University of Exeter.

At the core of any conference are the panel speakers – so thank you for submitting abstracts earlier in the year, and for the vast range of research rich papers delivered at the event both in person at Exeter and online. In the end there were 75 papers from 81 speakers across the main stream of the conference as well as our two special panel series from the Shame and Medicine research project and the Imagining Technologies for Disability Futures research project. And thank you as well to conference keynotes: Alia Al-Saji, Giovanna Colombetti, and Ullrich Haase. Together you explored diverse approaches to the conference theme from incisive perspectives that were both challenging and creative.

Thanks also to our 50 or so delegates for bringing your ideas, concerns, and energy to the event. As with all attendees you have offered encouragement, provided insights, and suggested new and additional avenues of research. And no doubt, many of you will have been inspired in your own research too. Thank you to the chairs, you did a brilliant job of mediating the audience discussion sessions, and rose to the challenge of questions coming from both the venue and online. Finally, thank you to our sponsors for making the event possible: the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health, Egenis, the Shame and Medicine research project, the Imagining Technologies for Disability Futures research project, and the British Society for Phenomenology.

You can check out photos from the event on the photos page of the BSP2022AC website.

Want some more? – BSP Podcast

Many of the presentations given at the conference will live on by being released on audio through the BSP Podcast in the near future. In the meantime, you can check out all the papers that were released from the original collaboration between the University of Exeter and the BSP: ‘Engaged Phenomenology 2020 Online’. Season 5 (Parts I, II, & III) cover that event with around 40 papers, and there are some 130 episodes overall from BSP events going back to 2016.