JBSP Online: Marilyn Stendera – “Reorienting Heidegger’s Phenomenology of Love”

journal update

Available now online, a new article for the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology by Marilyn Stendera (Deakin University).

Marilyn Stendera – “Love’s Shared World: Reorienting Heidegger’s Phenomenology of Love”: JBSP (Originally published online: 19 August 2022).

Abstract: Heidegger’s brief remarks on the theme of love enable us to reconstruct a view of it as a powerful feeling that both requires and amplifies a truthful recognition of oneself. The emphasis this places on the significance of love for the self and of the self for love, along with the kairological temporality Heidegger associates with love, means the account ends up “both sacralising and marginalising the other” (Tömmel, 2019, 242). I will suggest that this problem arises because Heidegger’s account elevates love’s disruptive possibilities at the expense of its capacity to generate a shared world of everyday experience, and that his account of world-time offers underutilized resources for addressing this issue. This, in turn, generates a picture that resonates in illuminating ways with both Yao’s (2020) model of gracious attentive love, and De Jaegher’s (2021) enactivist account of the relationship between loving and knowing.

Full article: https://doi.org/10.1080/00071773.2022.2112518

Marilyn Stendera, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

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