CfP: Postphenomenology and Technologies within Educational Settings

Call for papers ‘Postphenomenology and Technologies Within Educational Settings’, contributions to the volume, edited by Markus Bohlmann and Patrizia Breil.


Abstracts due: September 15, 2022
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Digital technologies are becoming smarter, more social, more regulatory, and we are relying more and more on their rationality even in highly protected areas. Postphenomenological inquiries examine the particularities of relations between humans and technology based on the premise that technologies mediate experience and therefore shape our understanding of the world or open up new realms of perception.
In the course of the last few years, digital technologies have become an increasingly important topic in the context of education. Postphenomenological research can make an important contribution to this field and open up new perspectives on teaching and learning both in and beyond the classroom.

Our aim for the volume is to assemble interdisciplinary contributions that shed light on digital technologies and their meaning for educational settings from a postphenomenological perspective. We welcome contributions on these and related topics:

Conceptual theoretical level: What can key concepts of postphenomenology contribute to the discussion on digital technologies and education?

Empirical technological level: Which technologies, tools and virtual (learning) environments are particularly suitable for a postphenomenological investigation in the context of education?

Phenomenological in-depth level: Which technological phenomena prove to be useful for pedagogical purposes from a postphenomenological perspective?

Interested researchers are asked to send a short abstract (max. 500 words) outlining the substantive focus of the planned contribution to [email protected] or [email protected] by 15th of September 2022.
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