Embodied Cognition and Dance Workshop

Workshop on Embodied Cognition and Dance will be hosted by Teachers College Columbia University. The conference will explore kinetic research methods.

Contact; [email protected]


We will explore data generation, analysis, and reporting modes that prioritise moving as a form of knowing and coming to know. What can scholars learn from moving with expert movers? How can the non-expert mover gain access to embodied knowledge about moving beyond the standard interview? How do we translate expert know-how into text?
Each day we will have two online talks (zoom link below). Each speaker has used dance and expert movement to form more general conclusions about mind, cognition, and performance.

August 16th:
4 PM East Coast time
Michael Kimmel (University of Vienna – Cognitive Science Unit)
5 PM East Coast Time
John Sutton and Mac Mignon (Macquarie University)

August 17th:
4 PM East Coast time
Matthew Henley (Teachers College Columbia University)
5 PM East coast time
Barbara Gail Montero (CUNY Graduate Center)

August 18th:
4 PM East Coast time
Camille Buttingsrud (The Danish National School of Performing Arts)
5 PM East coast time
Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 954 5143 3191
Passcode: dance