Hermeneutics in Real Life: John Arthos (Online 6 November 2021)

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John Arthos (Department of English, Indiana University) on “Rhetoric, Hermeneutics, and General Education”. Hermeneutics in Real Life free online event.

Hermeneutics in Real Life
The importance of hermeneutics to non-academic spheres.

The project is open to anyone interested in the application of hermeneutics to real life. The project includes online resources and a monthly, hour long, online discussion on topics applying hermeneutics to various areas of real life.

Rhetoric, Hermeneutics, & General Education
John Arthos (Department of English, Indiana University)
November, 6th – Saturday at 1 pm US Eastern Time
Free event

Hermeneutics was not intended and does not deserve to become a niche study in a boutique curriculum for specialists; it should regain its rightful place in both grounding general education and guiding the humanities. The German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer understood this mission to be its birthright, which is why he located its origins in the classical teaching traditions of rhetoric. Our discussion will explore how hermeneutics can, right here and now, be placed at the center of undergraduate instruction in the basic competencies of writing and speaking, in pre-law, in aesthetics, and in criticism. What hermeneutic principles can inform these curricula? How can the richness of hermeneutic understanding be made accessible to our undergraduates? What are the institutional and curricular opportunities for cultivating a hermeneutic sensibility in college education?

Information and registration at: https://www.hinrl.org/conversation-sessions#h.6ij5ie9308mj