JBSP Online: Peter W. Milne – Temporality and the Lyotardian Sublime

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Available now, Peter W. Milne’s essay for the BSP Journal published on T&F Online in advance of the paper edition.

Peter W. Milne – ‘Temporality and the Lyotardian Sublime: Kant between Husserl and Freud’ (Originally published online: 12 August 2019).

Abstract: While Lyotard’s first book was an introduction to phenomenology, most of the work that follows can be said to openly challenge the limits of phenomenological analysis. This is particularly evident in the well-known writings on the Kantian sublime, which Lyotard reads as a “temporal crisis” that undoes the conscious knowing subject and escapes “experience” in the phenomenological sense. Nonetheless, if this allows him to relate the sublime to Freud’s “unconscious affect,” this “crisis” only becomes visible in contrast to a figure of subjective temporalization the model of which, I argue, is broadly Husserlian. Approaching the sublime as a temporal crisis thus allows not only for a clearer view of the import of Lyotard’s late work on the affect with regard to subjectivity, knowledge, and experience; it also reveals what that work continues to owe to a certain phenomenological analysis.

Full article: https://doi.org/10.1080/00071773.2019.1652978

Peter W. Milne, Department of Aesthetics, College of Humanities, Seoul National University, Seoul, S. Korea

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