JBSP Online: Sai Hang Kwok re-reads Derrida’s Critique of Husserl

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Available now, the advance online publication of Sai Hang Kwok’s essay for the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology.

Sai Hang Kwok – ‘Sign and Hyle: Re-reading Derrida’s Critique of Husserl Through the Bernau Manuscripts’ (Originally published online: 10 February 2019)

Abstract: Derrida’s philosophy starts with a law stated in The Problem of Genesis in Husserl’s Philosophy: “No analysis could present, make present in its phenomenon or reduce to the point-like nature of the element, instantaneous and identical to itself.” This “law” is derived from a critique of Husserl’s transcendental phenomenology, which, according to Derrida, demonstrates the impossibility of reducing phenomena to a single origin. In this paper, I argue that Derrida’s critique is based on an omission of the Bernau Manuscripts, within which Husserl explores the constitution of time consciousness that is not centred at a point-like present but rather at the concatenation of Hyle. This theory surpasses the presentism in Phenomenology of the Consciousness of Internal Time and hence becomes a potential response to Derrida’s criticism.

Full article: https://doi.org/10.1080/00071773.2019.1578027

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