Wolfe Mays Essay Prize 2022-23: ‘Collective Memory’

journal update

The British Society for Phenomenology & Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology announce the second Wolfe Mays Essay Prize.

Each year, the British Society for Phenomenology (BSP) and the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology (JBSP) convene the annual Wolfe Mays Essay Prize. The prize is awarded to an outstanding submission addressing a specially set topic. The competition is open to PhD students and Early Career Researchers (ECRs) who are members of the BSP. The theme for this year’s prize is ‘Collective Memory’.

Memory has always been at the forefront of phenomenological research, spanning from the study of recollection and retention to forgetfulness and the constitution of historical tradition. From a phenomenological viewpoint, the analysis of memory posits a number of issues that are connected to time awareness but also to the role of perception, recollection, imagination, and affect in generating, maintaining, and activating memory. A less prominent aspect concerns the possibility of collective memory. What is the difference between individual and collective memory? What is the structure of collective memory, if any? Can memory be shared? What are the ethical and political implications of collective memory? Are there distinctive experiences that distinguish collective memory from a historical tradition? We welcome submissions addressing these or other questions related to the theme of collective memory.

We welcome submissions that approach this topic from within the scope of the JBSP and seek to make a contribution to the study and development of phenomenological philosophy. The prize is open to PhD candidates and early career researchers (within 5 years of receiving a PhD) who are members of the BSP. The winner will receive a cash prize of £500 and have their essay published in the JBSP (following a review process if appropriate). The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2023.

For more information see the Wolfe Mays Essay Prize webpages.